The Faculty of Humanities in compliance with the Development Strategy 2021-2027 of the University of Latvia together with the Faculty of Theology, Faculty of History and Philosophy, the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Latvian Language Institute and Institute of Latvian History participates in the implementation of the priority research direction “Lettonic Studies, Diaspora and Intercultural Communication” of the University of Latvia.

The subtheme of the Faculty of Humanities in the priority research direction is “Ideas in Humanities – Language, Texts, Culture” (Head – Professor Andra Kalnača) with the following research sections:

  • Language and Literature in the Intercultural Context
    (Department of English Studies);
  • Discourse of Asian Cultures in the Situation of Civilisation Contiguity
    (Department of Asian Studies)
  • German Language, Literature and Culture in the Baltics
    (Department of German Studies)
  • Ancient Cultural Heritage and Modern Europe: The Context of the Baltic Sea Region (Department of Classical Philology)
  • Latvian Studies in the Global Cultural Space
    (Department of Latvian and Baltic Studies)
  • Romance Studies in Latvia, Europe and Worldwide
    (Department of Romance Studies)
  • Across Borders: Local and Global Processes in the Slavic Languages and Cultures (Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies)
  • Translation/Interpreting and Terminology
    (Department of Comparative Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting)