Faculty of Humanities

Address: Visvalža iela 4a, Rīga, LV-1050
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Phone: +371 6703 4908
E-mail: hzf@lu.lv

The beginnings of the Faculty of Humanities can be traced back to 1919, when the Faculty of Language and Philosophy was established at the University of Latvia. At that time, the humanitarian potential of the Faculty was concentrated solely on the Baltic languages and Latvian language, literature, history and culture. Nowadays the Faculty of Humanities is one of the largest faculties of the University of Latvia from the point of view of the number of students, as well as the number of Latvian and foreign academic staff and researchers.

In compliance with the regulations of the Faculty, the aim of the Faculty of Humanities is to lead the study, research and innovative work in linguistics, literary and folklore studies, anthropology, arts (theatre studies), as well as in regional and interdisciplinary studies. The motto of the Faculty is to work, accomplishing the mission of the University of Latvia: to collect and multiply human knowledge, to promote the Latvian language, literature and culture, to research and strengthen the traditions of other national languages and cultural relations.

Nine departments of the Faculty of Humanities offer bachelor’s (undergraduate), master’s (postgraduate) and PhD (doctoral) degree programmes. The quality of the studies is guaranteed by the international accreditation of all programmes, by the high level of qualification of professors and other members of the academic staff, as well as by ample opportunities for students to participate in the international mobility. 

The Faculty of Humanities is frequently compared with the Tower of Babel, since more than 20 different languages can be heard nowadays in our lecture halls.

The Faculty of Humanities is a well-known venue for various Latvian and international research activities and cultural events. The academic staff and students, working together, foster the creative atmosphere at the Faculty. The Student Council that represents the interests of students at the Faculty and at the University, organizes educational, sport and entertainment activities. The work of Student Council of the Faculty of Humanities demonstrates the sincere commitment to the ideals of the University of Latvia and the Faculty of Humanities.

Why study the humanities? 
The studies of languages, literatures, cultures and texts enhance one’s thinking, as well as the ability to evaluate – critically, analytically and objectively – facts and developments within ourselves, locally and globally. Knowledge and understanding of one’s own language, which is of the utmost importance nowadays, develop through the interaction with other languages. The study of foreign languages and cultures guarantees the stability and security of our present and future: when we learn more about the others, we not only become more tolerant, but also get the ability to stand for our values and explain them to others in a convincing way. Media literacy today is inconceivable without the comprehension and evaluation of the language and various text forms and genres - this is something a philologist can skilfully do.