The Faculty of Humanities actively and effectively cooperates with various HEI, schools, research institutions and centres, libraries, publishing houses, professional organizations and with other institutions in Latvia. The cooperation includes the organization of conferences and other events, implementation of research projects, organization of student internships, field trips, etc. The staff members of the Faculty actively cooperate with the regional municipalities.

  • The Faculty of Humanities cooperates with the Latvian Academy of Culture, Ventspils University of Applied Sciences, Liepāja University, Daugavpils University, Rīga Stradiņš University and with other HEI (the cooperation in the field of science, implementation of several programmes, organization of seminars for PhD students, exchange with guest lecturers, etc).
  • The Faculty of Humanities cooperates with the research institutions of the same field, e.g. Institute of the Latvian Language of the UL, Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the UL (cooperation in research, conference organization, regular visits of students to institutes, contacts with consultants and reviewers, etc).

The academic staff of the Faculty of Humanities participates in the organization of scientific conferences for school pupils (regional and state levels) in cooperation with associations of teachers of languages and literatures, as well as in the implementation of various courses for teachers in cooperation with the National Centre for Education of the Republic of Latvia, etc. Students have their internships in schools (specifically for students of MSP in English Philology). The cooperation includes the implementation of various projects (for instance, in cooperation with the Alternative School of Jurmala and Classical Gymnasium the researchers from the Department of the Classical Studies implement projects devoted to the research of the Ancient culture), and other forms of cooperation.

  • The Faculty of Humanities cooperates with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia (implementation of study programmes, research, organization of school contests; members of the academic staff of the Faculty participate as experts in various work groups, boards, e.g., development of the contents of education, etc). Cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Latvia in project implementation (support for projects of State Culture Capital Foundation, prepared by the academic staff of the Faculty). Cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the sphere of language acquisition and other ministries.
  • The Faculty closely cooperates with the Latvian National Library in the organization of events, popularizing of science, for instance, in the frames of Canada cultural studies, etc. There are other forms of cooperation, for instance, the members of academic staff  and students of the Department of Latvian and Baltic Studies participate in the development of the online edition for librarians “Literatūras ceļvedis” (Literature Guidebook).
  • “Skrivanek Baltic” is a yearslong partner in the organization of students’ internship. The cooperation also includes guest lectures and seminars for future translators and interpreters. Moreover, the cooperation with the enterprise includes the co-organization of the contest for Latvian students “The best young translator”.
  • For the organization of students’ internships, the Faculty of Humanities regularly cooperates with museums of Latvia, e.g. Association of Memorial Museums, Literature and Music Museum, and others.
  • Cooperation in the field of employment with the following enterprises: TELE2, BITE, EVRY Latvia (for students who acquire Scandinavian languages), SDI Media Latvia (enterprise for adaptation and translation of programmes and film), and others.
  • The Faculty of Humanities also cooperates with various professional organizations and societies, for instance, with the Writers Union of Latvia (participation of members of academic staff and students in the creation of the newspaper “konTEKSTS”; organization of a literary translation seminar for students of the BSP in Baltic Philology in the course of “Creative writing”); with the Latvian Language Agency (organization of events, scientific cooperation, participation of the members of the academic staff of the Faculty in teaching Latvian to foreigners); with Latvian Association of Anthropologists (events, guest lecturers) and with many other organizations of Latvia.