Application form  for registration to the study courses (when you arrive to the Faculty of Humanities, you need to fill in the form with the selected courses, get the signatures of all professors, sign the form and bring it to Room 329a, Visvalza Street 4a).


  • All timetables for the Faculty of Humanities are available here: PROGRAMMES
  • You can also search for separate courses (pressing VIEW, you can get a timetable for this particular course): COURSES


Faculty of Humanities offers courses for Erasmus+ and other exchange programmes' students and attendees.

Contact persons for particular programmes (before contacting them, contact the international coordinator, Anastasija Vedela):

English Philology (BA and MA) and Modern Languages and Business Studies: Ieva Melbārde (, Room 329) or Margarita Spirida (

Baltic Philology (BA and MA): Jolanta Stauga (

Russian Philology (BA and MA): Jeļena Sevastjanova (, Room 423).

German Philology (BA and MA), French Philology (BA and MA), also Spanish and Italian Studies: Agnese Šnipke (

Asian Studies (BA and MA): Natālija Ambrosova (

Baltic Sea Region Studies: Agnese Kirovāne (

Finno-Ugric Studies, Conference Interpreting, Written Translation: Ērika Krautmane (

Cultural and Social Anthropology (BA and MA), Classical Philology (BA and MA): Zanda Lukjanova (


Departmental International Coordinator:
Room 329a (Faculty of Humanities, Visvalža 4a, 3rd floor)