Centre for Gender Studies is an educational and research centre that works in the field of female/male and gender studies, researching such issues as feminism and gender theories, gender and power, religion, culture, history, politics, philosophy.

The centre creates the interdisciplinary educational and research programme that summarizes and analyzes various gender aspects of social sciences and humanities. The centre offers C part courses, organizes conferences and summer schools, and publishes collections of articles.

Coordinator of the Centre: Dr. Marija Semjonova

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Centre for Applied Linguistics has been founded with the aim to perform interdisciplinary fundamental and practical research in order to stimulate the usage of applied linguistics in the context of various languages and cultures in education, research, economics, finance, politics, diplomacy, natural sciences, law and in other spheres.

The centre also secures the acquisition of Latvian language and foreign languages for students and staff members of the University of Latvia, and for other physical and legal bodies, as well as performs the evaluation of language skills and administrates the international examinations in the English language.

The structure of the centre consists of branch research groups: language acquisition group, discourse research group, contrastive studies group, corpus linguistics and technologies.

Actg. Head of the Centre: Margarita Spirida

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