The Faculty of Humanities student application for Erasmus+ study mobility in autumn 2021 will take place from 17.02.2021 until 26.02.2021.

The information about the application process is available here: Erasmus+ study mobility
The list of the Faculty of Humanities current partner institutions is available here: FH Partner Institutions

All students of the Faculty of Humanities (BA, MA and PhD programmes) who have collected at least 40 credit points (two semesters), have no financial or academic debts, and are not on a study leave can apply for the participation in the exchange programme.

The following documents should be submitted to the Faculty of Humanities international coordinator e-mail (

1. The Faculty of Humanities application form (the template is available here: Erasmus+ study mobility

2. The transcript of records with the average grade from the student’s LUIS profile (pdf/jpg format (‘screenshot’)).

3. The motivation letter for the student’s study programme director (in Latvian or in the study programme language) mentioning the courses that are intended to be attended at the partner institution. One could search for the information about the study courses on the partner institution website or write to its international coordinator. One has to ensure that the courses offered by the partner institution correspond to the study programme at the UL.

! One should find out which languages are required for studying at the partner institution before applying.