The Centre of Bohemistics and Polonistics was established in 2002 with the support of the Czech Embassy in Latvia and the Polish Embassy in Latvia. The centre is formed in compliance with the need for international cooperation between the regions of the Baltic sea and Central Europe and the topicality of bohemistics and polonistics in Latvia and at the University of Latvia.

The aim of the centre is to promote the research, mastering and popularization of the Polish and Bohemian heritage, to contribute to the scientific, educational and cultural activities in the field, to strengthen the exchange of culture and education between the West Slavic countries and Latvia.
The centre carries out researches, participates in the implementation of study programmes that correspond to the field of polonistics and bohemistics, and fosters and promotes the mastering of Polish and Czech cultural heritage.

The centre hosts a library (Czech and Polish fiction, textbooks, dictionaries, scientific literature, guidebooks), collection of films in Czech and Polish, CDs, maps and other materials.

The centre is the place where the Czech and Polish language lessons for Russian philology students take place as well as consultations and events.

Partners and supporters:

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Latvia
Association „Latvija–Čehija”
Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Latvia
Association of Poles in Latvia
Foundation „Pomoc Polakom na Wschodzie”
Polonia Teachers' Centre in Lublin

Contact information:
Visvalža iela 4a, Room 215a.

Head of the Centre – Professor Igors Koškins

Members of the Council of the Centre:
Acting Lecturer K.Barkovska
Assistant Professor R.Kurpniece
Dr. J.Gabranova
Assistant Professor N.Kopoloveca

All interested are welcome!