Charly with his classmates and the programme director prof. Jelena Vladimirska

My name is Charly Anoume, and I’m from Cameroon. I’m a student at the University of Latvia, in the first year of my master's degree - specialization in Romance languages and culture (French module).

I chose to come here to study for many reasons, mainly to get my degree from one of the best universities in Eastern Europe. Since I started my studies at the Faculty of Humanities, I have been deeply impressed by the quality of the courses taught across a variety of languages and in a multicultural environment that could be of real benefit to international students looking for a place to enhance the perspective of diversity through human connections. In addition, my previous degree in business management has found a complementary basis on which my career prospects are broad, from research fields to corporate positions. To top it all off, the academic staff of my faculty and my programme is very close to the students, and I appreciate their teaching methods, their commitment and their dedication to push us to acquire a good mastery of the field of study. This is the place to be...

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