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Ziemas izlaidums 2013. gada februārī
Ziemas izlaidums 2013. gada februārī
Ziemas izlaidums 2013. gada februārī English Philology Master programme graduate Inese Bernsone
Thank You for the Fruitful Master Studies in Our Alma Mater!
assoc. prof. Solveiga Ozoliņa

On the 7th of February the Faculty of Humanities organized a graduation party. This time it was held in our renovated assembly hall. Among the graduates there were also two English Philology Master degree holders. One of them is Inese Bernsone who has been a hard-working student and a talented researcher.

She wanted to share her opinion about the study years:

"The master programme in English philology offered by the Faculty of Humanities provides comprehensive studies in three sub-branches of philology: linguistics, literature and language teaching.

The curriculum in the direction of linguistics, where I specialized in, was broad and solid and included not only versatile in-depth studies of the historical and theoretical fundamentals of general and applied linguistics, their sub-disciplines and related sub-fields of science, but also optional courses in other associated disciplines – studies of literature, cultural and intercultural studies.

During my master studies, I specialized in lexicography. My research resulted in the master thesis ‘Development of Guidelines for a Model of a Multilingual Dictionary of Plant Names of Latvia’. In Latvia, there is an urgent need for such a special-purpose dictionary that would serve the specific requirements of scientists in botany and the related fields of science. Thus, the paper has a real practical value and the guidelines developed can be applied in practice.

The quality and depth of studies was outstanding. The professors at the faculty are experienced and highly knowledgeable in their fields, and passionate about their study-matter. I am very grateful that studies of such level and quality are being provided in Latvia.”

Graduation party photos