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Faculty of Humanities offers courses for Erasmus+ and other exchange programmes` students and attendees.

If you have any questions, regarding the timetable for Spring 2018, please, contact


Application form for registration to the study courses (when you arrive to the Faculty of Humanities, you need to fill in the form with the selected courses, get the signatures of all professors, sign the form and bring it to Room 329a, Visvalza Street 4a).


Please, pay attention to the additional notes above each list (requirements, availability, etc.)

BACHELOR LEVEL COURSES for Autumn 2018/2019
(preliminary information, there might be changes in the timetable)

Baltic philology (language of instruction is Latvian, for more information, please, contact Ms Māra Pakalnišķe, e-mail

Cultural and Social Anthropology (Provided in English)

English philology (Provided in English)

French philology (Courses provided in French, Spanish and Italian)

German philology (Provided in German)

Modern Language and Business Studies (Provided in English)

Russian philology (Provided mostly in Russian)

MASTER LEVEL COURSES for Autumn 2018/2019 (preliminary information, there might be changes in the timetable)

Baltic sea region studies (Provided in English)

English philology (Provided in English)

Romance studies (Provided in French and Spanish)

Russian philology (Provided in Russian)

Cultural and Social Anthropology (Provided in English)

German philology (Provided in German)


The Faculty of Humanities provides Latvian and Russian language courses for international students. Each term (Autumn and Spring) there is a course for beginners (6 ECTS), as well as for other levels (depends on the demand, but usually for A1, A2, B1, B2 (Russian)). The information about the offered levels and groups usually appears closer to the beginning of a new term (for Autumn term - in August). 

 Spring 2018

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All timetables for the Faculty of Humanities are available here: PROGRAMMES; 

You can also search for separate courses (pressing VIEW, you can get a timetable for this particular course): COURSES